What is Web Dzines by Nick?

A place to showcase my passion for Web Design and my skills. Within this site I show some of my projects both past and present.

Clean and Simple

People searching for information on the Web want to find it quick. If someone has difficulty finding what they are looking for on a particular site, they will go elsewhere. Just think of the times you have gotten frustrated looking for something on a site and left. I believe in a simple approach to design. Clean code is important too. I tend to code sites from scratch, without using commercial web design applications. Coding by hand allows me to have more control over seperating content from style and scripting. This allows flexibility when expanding the site for the future, easy updates and providing maximum accessibility.

About Nick

My passion for Web Design began in 1995 when the Web was in its infancy. I used a simple editor and built a small personal web page for my family and friends who lived far away to keep up with what was going on in my life. It was basically a few paragraphs, no photos. Very simple, but of course Web Design was not as complex back then as it is today.

From 1998 to 2004 I was an Applications and Technical Trainer. I taught Web Design as well as other technologies. In 2004 I left training and began a career in Technical Writing and Application and Web Development.

Current and Past Projects

Main Street Creamery
Photography by Corinne
Alex Painting Services

Contact Information

Nick Nocida
Resume (PDF)

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